Look Around and Learn

2 books | categories: 2023 Spring, 6 - 9 First Grade

The easy, playful style of this series, supported by distinct and funny illustrations, does not leave out the educational aspect and tries to help children understand familiar things like shapes and numbers in a wider context and in everyday situations.

When you look around you at home, in the street or in a shop, you see a lot of different things – including plenty of numbers and shapes. But do you know what they tell us? You’ve encountered them since you were a child, you can recognise them, name them and, in the case of numbers, do a bit of maths, too. But do you know what all these numbers and shapes mean and what role they play in our everyday lives? They give out much more than you might think … The Look Around and Learn series of books offers young readers a different take on the familiar first concepts – alongside simple theory, the books contain 14 categories, divided according to the contexts in which shapes or numbers are used, what they help us with or what they express. After all, they tell us something different when we are driving around town, playing board games or reading a signboard.

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