Gary Boller

After many years in London, Gary now lives a little more south in the countryside in Hampshire, UK, with his wife and two children and several cats. He trained as a graphic designer gaining an HND and also thereafter had a career in design and advertising in London.

He was always drawing as a child, even on his parents walls. He loved the comics of the day. The Beano and Dandy, famous titles in England. One day in a summer vacation job from college a co-worker said to him, on observing a cartoon he’d drawn on the back of an old envelope, „There’s something in that!“ Well so it turned out. After engaging illustrators as an art director it occurred to him that he would really rather be the illustrator.

A chance encounter led to an enrollement in the, now defunct Portabello Cartoon School, which at that time was the only cartoon school in Europe. This lead onto a career in comics, character design and animation for many and varied clients in design, advertising, editorial and entertainment.

He also eventually worked for both the Beano and the Dandy. Gary also has a love of music, jazz, rockabilly, western swing in particular and has played double bass in bands and toured Europe many times and twice in the USA.