The Secret Life ot the Forest
Ages 6-9
The Secret Life of the Forest
The Secret Life of the Forest
Age 12+
The Souls of Flowers
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shapes and patterns
Shapes and Patterns in Nature

“This one is such a visual treat! It is absolutely lovely and includes so many details to discuss and marvel over. There are two more books in this line that are similarly lovely: Colors in Nature and Colors in Habitats. They make for unique coffee table books and add such cool flair to any collection of STEM books for kids.”

The Kid Lit Mama Blog

my cup of art
My Cup of Art

My 7 year old loved this book. Very simple introduction to artists. My child loved how the book was interactive!

(Amazon review)

how plants talk
How Plants Talk

Certainly a unique way to show how plants “feed” off each other. Some do enjoy being near others as long as they can share. Share the sun and water, that is. Plants that don’t need as much sun can live safely under the shadow of a sun-loving plant. Some plants don’t share well so they need to be spaced further apart from others. This is a prime example of how society works too. Great book for older kids to further understand how indoor and outdoor vegetation operate.


atlas of cats
Atlas Of Cats

With 108 pages of all things cats, kids of all ages will find so much to enjoy and explore in this book. It's informative and playful and illustrated throughout. The book is aimed at children 6-9 but I certainly think kids up to age 12 would enjoy a book like this and even beyond. There is a lot of text and a lot to explore so it would certainly need to be perused in smaller doses.

The Silvan Reverie | Sarah Street

atlas of cats
Grandad's Pink Trousers

Oh some books just hit that spot in your heart where the love for specific loves in your life live on forever. My mom would love this book so much and she would wear those pink trousers, refused to even use a plastic trash bag even if it was recycled, never bought cut flowers for my entire life, had an outhouse rather than an indoor toilet and the list goes on.

I know that my mom and Grandad would get along well. Like Grandad, it was the love and inquiries from her grandchildren that delighted her. One person can make a difference when they share the reason and intentions of their actions with the next generation

Wandering Bookseller