Marie Kraus

Marie Kraus was born in Ostrava, surrounded by the architecture of Socialist Realism, also known as Sorela. Having spent part of her childhood in a little village of Northern Slovakia she discovered that despite being an urban child she felt an utter fascination by the rural nature she had a chance to observe there.

Nature is still her utmost source of inspiration as well as her two beautiful daughters.

Marie loves to explore and play with new techniques but classic painting and digital illustration hold the place closest to her heart.

Marie became a tattoo artist in 2005 but for almost a decade now she has been working as a freelance illustrator too.

Her artistic work allowed her to contribute to projects such as ‘Historické okénko’ or ‘Drawing Politics’.  Last year Marie finished her first literary collaboration, illustrating a book called Forms of Architecture. Maybe the reason why this project resonates with her this enormously is the fact that it perfectly combines her two true passions – books and drawings.