Fairytale Encyclopedia

4 books | categories: 6 - 9 First Grade

This is an unusual combination of a fairy tale and encyclopaedia in one with lots of illustrations and loads of information, such are the individual titles of the Fairy-tale encyclopaedias series.

When Hansel and Gretel got lost in the forest, they of course suddenly came upon a strange cottage made out of gingerbread, but on the other hand, they also learned a lot of forest trees, plants and fruits on their way through the forest. And just as Hansel and Gretel, also the Little Red Riding Hood did not only met the wolf but also many other forest animals, Sleeping Beauty learned everything about the garden, and the Snow White, thanks to the dwarves, understood that even deep underground it‘s very lively and far more interesting than it might seem on the first sight. The whole series of Fairy-tale Encyclopaedias is based on these famous fairy tales and aims to convey to young readers all the beauty of the world in a fun and attractive way. Not only can they read their favourite story, they can also unfold seven richly illustrated maps and learn everything they should know in their lifes but a fairy tale story cannot offer.

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