Lucie Hášová Truhelková

Having graduated in Opinion Journalism, in 2018 she turned her back on that trade to join the Albatros editorial team for children’s literature, where she remains. At first, her presence in the world of other people seemed to be an inexplicable mistake, but these days she usually gets along in it quite well, with no obvious problems. She continues to carry a capacious bag à la Hermione Granger (complete with tent, two sweaters, and emergency confetti). Her hair goes through as many colours as Nymphadora Tonks’s, and she is as plain-speaking as Pippi Longstocking. As for tattoos, her left arm bears characters from the Japanese animated series My Neighbour Totoro and her right heroes from favourite books from her childhood, while her legs are covered with wildflowers, sparing her the trouble of waiting for the meadows to bloom each year. She loves driving on country roads, decaffeinated coffee, the last rays of the evening sun, bookshops, boxes at the theatre, and camping in summer in tandem with her son.