Atlas of Dogs

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Atlas of Dogs

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Size 9 x 11 in | 104 pages | hardcover | 9788000059358 | $16.95 | Pub date April 27, 2021

A unique collection of over 200 breeds of dogs, with fun facts and witty illustrations, accompanied by heroic stories from the exclusive Dogs’ Post Daily newspaper!

Paw on the heart that you can‘t guess how many dog species there are in the world. In our well-arranged atlas, you can find them all, from the smallest Chihuahua to the hairiest Komondor. Learn basic information about their natures and find your dream dog. Each breed is playfully introduced, and you will have the opportunity to find out which dogs are among the bravest and most devoted, who is the biggest barker, or who snores loudly when dreaming of a juicy bone. Use our dog to human years converter to discover how old your dog actually is. And, last but not least, if you like bedtime stories, read the Dogs’ Post Daily—a spectacular dog newspaper with a lot of stories, interviews, and reports from the lives of famous dog heroes and heroines!

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