Colors of Habitats


Colors of Habitats

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Size 9.4 x 11 in | 32 pages | hardcover | 9788000059341 | $14.95 | Pub date June 29, 2021

The brand-new sequel to a well-reviewed bestseller that has been translated into fifteen languages, this time focused on bright colors and various habitats.

Every habitat in the wide world has been painted by nature’s unique color palette. The frosty polar landscape glitters with blue-white tones, the jungle dances wildly in the colors of tropical fruits, and the grassy savannah silently hides in beige and khaki. Take a walk with us through the farthest places and discover colors that are connected to them. With our book, you’ll have them right in front of you! Throughout this colorful adventure, you will imagine all sorts of sounds, tastes, and smells. Can you hear the mud bubbling silently right in the middle of the bog? And do you feel the sun warming up every stone in the desert? We had better cool ourselves down in the ocean! And after a walk, whenever you want, you can learn to match colors as harmoniously as nature can.

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