Henry the Snail


Henry the Snail

Written by Katarína Macurová
Illustrated by Katarína Macurová
age 3-6

Book parameters:
Size 8.4 × 11 in | 40 pages | hardcover | 9788000067933 | $16.95 | Pub date June 13, 2023

A story about a snail who does not have slime. That is why he will never be like everyone else. But why should he feel bad about it? Henry starts to do a lot of exercises and soon he is strong enough to climb plants in his own way! Enjoy this gentle story about handicaps, getting over them, yearning, willpower, and solidarity. Learn that far from being an obstacle, a difference may prove to be the key that opens new horizons. Using a simple story and a symphatetic hero the kids learn social-emotinal skills and are better prepared to cope with everyday life situations.

Lovable hero: A cute main character that all children will immediately fall in love with and relate to.
Strong message: Not everybody comes to this world with the same „starting point“. Henry represents someone who has decided not to give up on his dream even though he can’t make it happen as easily as the others.
Self-confidence: A powerful example for kids lacking confidence in day to day life struggles.
Social-emotional learning: Simple story teaches kids how to be prepared to cope with everyday challenges.

Chosen as a Children’s Book Council Hot of the Press book (June 2023)

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