Insectopia: The Wonderful World of Insects


Insectopia: The Wonderful World of Insects

Written by Jiri Kolibac
Illustrated by Pavla Dvorská, Pavel Dvorský
age 12+

Book parameters:
9.0 in x 13.0 in| 96 pages| hardcover| 9788000069685| $24.99 | Pub date Nov 21, 2023

A sequel to Encyclopedia of Extinct Animals and Encyclopedia of Endangered Animals, this large format encyclopedia focuses on the world’s largest group of animals—insects.

The third publication in the series Large Encyclopedia of Animals with stunning realistic full-page illustrations introduces the wonderful world of insects, oft-unnoticed creatures without which there would be no life on our planet. It’s written by leading Czech entomologist Jiří Kolibáč and illustrated by Pavel Dvorský and his wife Pavla Dvorská.

Read about complex rituals of courtship, touching care for offspring, organization of insect states, wars over food sources, plus scents, colorful wings and sharp mandibles. As you learn about the largest and smallest of them, you will begin to realize how important insects are—for humankind and for all life on our planet.

Chosen as a Children’s Book Council Hot of the Press book (November 2023).

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