Means of Transport That Almost Changed the World

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Means of Transport That Almost Changed the World

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Size 8.6 x 10.6 in | 64 pages | hardcover | 9788000068459 | $18.95 | Pub date July 4, 2023

We all travel sometimes—by car, public transport, or plane. But there are some means of transport we completely ignore. Let’s crack open this book, wonderfully illustrated by Martin Sodomka, and learn how come we don’t travel in flying cars, why trains don’t ride on a single rail, or why there are no life-size remote control cars! You’re about to be flooded with infamous ideas, prototypes, and crazy attempts at coming up with something new over the course of the last century. The means of transport presented in this book may have not led to a technological revolution but did help us progress. After all, people learn from their mistakes.

Successful series: the first title The Means of Transport That Changed the World has been chosen by CBC for the July 2022 Hot Off the Press reading list.
Illustrations: technically accurate and realistic
Unique: breath-taking designs of infamous ideas, prototypes, and crazy attempts that should have changed the world. Nevertheless they remained just as a blueprint.
Book for whole family: The illustrations may also appeal to older readers—great book for a wide range of readership.

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