Our Cat’s Day

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Our Cat’s Day

Written by Radek Malý
Illustrated by Iku Dekune
| categories: 2023 Spring, ALL, 3 - 6 Pre-schoolers

Book parameters:
Size 8.3 × 8.3 in | 32 pages | hardcover | 9788000067940 | $15.95

Lovely illustrations by a world-renowned artist Iku Dekune in combination with text by Czech contemporary poet Radek Maly makes the book Our Cat's Day irresistible. He’s neither a full-grown cat nor a teeny bitty kitten. He’s a young cat. Wait around to see what he does with his day. What does he have for breakfast? What does he play with? How does he clean his fur? And what about mischief? Learn about the world of pet cats and fall in love with them forever!

Popular Japanese artist: The painter Iku Dekune has thousands of followers on social media. She was awarded the Grand Prix at the Biennial of Illustration and created the cover of the Illustrators Exhibition Annual of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. She also received the Japan Prize for Picture Books.
Non-fiction picture book: A unique fusion of a poetic picture book full of non-fiction information that has big appeal to little readers.
Original concept: One day in the life of a little kid compared to one day in the life of a kitten, discovering amusing similarities.
Playful experience: The reader can join the story by answering questions along the storyline. There is also a search and find quest throughout the book.