Patti at the Music Shop

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Patti at the Music Shop

Written by Vítězslav Mecner
Illustrated by Vítězslav Mecner
age 3-6

Book parameters:
Size 8.2 × 11.8 in | 32 pages | hardcover | 9788000065977 | $16.95 | Pub date September 27, 2022

Some children like to visit toy shops, others prefer candy shops, and there are some who like going to parks. But a little girl named Patti loves to visit music shops. One very special day, her dad took her to the greatest music shop in town . . .

Vibrant colors of tones and rhythms. A career starter for all musicians dreaming to become Carol Kaye. This book tells the charming story of little Patti, who dreams of being a bass guitarist.