World Record Animals

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World Record Animals

Written by Oldřich Růžička
Illustrated by Tomáš Pernický
age 6-9

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Size 10 x 12 in | 32 pages | hardcover | 9788000059310 | $14.95 | Pub date May 25, 2021

Superheroes, record holders, and fascinating facts from the animal kingdom! Welcome to our animal Olympics!

The world’s fastest animals can move at the speed of a state-of-the-art sports car, while there’s one small creature with the strength of a trained weightlifter. That’s right, the world’s strongest animal can lift many times its own weight! And the longest-lived animal goes on for several hundred years. Fastest, slowest, strongest, largest, smallest, longest living, furthest jumping, most poisonous, most beautiful, ugliest, deepest diving… These and many other record-holders of the animal kingdom fill this book with unexpected, fascinating facts. So join us and immerse yourself in the world of animal supers!