Tug Your Earlobe: A Picture Guide to Body Language


Tug Your Earlobe: A Picture Guide to Body Language

Written by Štěpánka Sekaninová
Illustrated by Adam Wolf
age 6-9

Book parameters:
5.8 in x 8.3 in | 56 pages | hardcover | 9788000072937 | $17.95 | Pub date Oct 22, 2024

Discover the secrets of non-verbal communication with this pocket-sized guide, offering graphic illustrations and practical insights for understanding body language in various situations.

In Tug Your Earlobe: A Picture Guide to Body Language, children aged 7-10 embark on an exciting exploration into the world of non-verbal communication. This pocket-sized companion provides a fun and accessible introduction to the subtle art of understanding body language. Through vibrant illustrations and relatable examples, young readers learn to decode emotions, intentions, and feelings conveyed through gestures, expressions, and postures. Whether deciphering a friend’s honesty, detecting nervousness, or identifying confidence, this book serves as a visual vocabulary guide to the language the body speaks without words. From everyday scenarios to professional settings, the book covers a spectrum of situations.