What Should I Wear to Work?


What Should I Wear to Work?

Written by Jana Sedláčková
Illustrated by Alexandra Májová Hetmerová
age 3-6

Book parameters:
8.3 in x 8.3 in| 32 pages| hardcover| 9788000069975| $15.95| Pub date Mar 12, 2024

This is not another book on careers and jobs, this is a humorous manual on fashion, clothing, and accessories for kids.

Oh no, look at this messy wardrobe! Do you know what happens when a chef wears a tutu? And what about a ballerina, can she dance in hiking boots? What kind of top should a sailor wear? It looks like somebody needs your advice about what should they put on!

Thirteen professions got their clothes mixed up and it causes them a lot of troubles. Help them find proper clothing and equipment for each of the jobs and save the day!

Cartoony illustrations depict funny situations with crazy-dressed people and draw kids into various scenes encouraging them to pick clothes for the characters. Engaging and funny!

Chosen as a Children’s Book Council Hot of the Press book (March 2024)

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