Snake Milker and Other Animal Jobs


Snake Milker and Other Animal Jobs

Written by Štěpánka Sekaninová
Illustrated by Jakub Cenkl
age 6-9

Book parameters:
8.4 in x 11.0 in |40 pages | hardcover | 9788000072807 | $16.95 | Pub date Oct 8, 2024

Explore 28 extraordinary animal careers in this ultimate job guide for animal lovers, sparking young imaginations and laughter with fun, empowering content for budding animal enthusiasts.

From the intriguing role of an Animal Stomatologist to the whimsical task of being an Ostrich Babysitter, this non-fiction children’s book takes children on a humorous exploration of unconventional occupations connected to animals. Set against the backdrop of colorful pages and adorned with playful illustrations, the book serves as a captivating guide for kids who are curious about the diverse and extraordinary ways humans can interact with creatures big and small.