Ancient Rome for Kids

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Ancient Rome for Kids

Written by Oldřich Růžička
Illustrated by Tomáš Tůma
age 6-9

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10.2 in x 9.0 in | 12 pages | hardcover with folding maps| 9788000070971 | $17.95 | Pub date June 4, 2024

Journey back to Ancient Rome with 6 interactive fold-out maps in this enthralling illustrated book for kids, exploring bygone culture, history, gods, gladiators, and more.

This immersive book takes kids on a deep exploration of one of history’s most significant civilizations. Six interactive fold-out maps bring to life the rich tapestry of this vast historic civilization – its vibrant culture, fascinating gods, legendary gladiators, and the rise and fall of its mighty empire. These detailed maps provide a hands-on experience, making history come alive with vivid visuals and engaging facts. Children will walk in the sandals of Ancient Romans, unraveling the secrets of everyday life and dipping their toes into the complex worlds of politics, trade, and military might.

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