Bella and the Lost Ball


Bella and the Lost Ball

Written by Kateřina Svozilová
Illustrated by Mag Takac
age 3-6

Book parameters:
Size 8 × 8 in | 32 pages | hardcover | 9788000065960 | $15.95 | Pub date October 4, 2022

Wanted: a beautiful ball. How could it look like? How many adjectives will Bella need to describe her ball, so the friends can visualize it properly and help to find it? And will she even succeed?

The sun is lovely and warm, so Bella runs outside to play with her ball. But where has it rolled to? With the help of a butterfly, Mitzi the cat, Ally the dog and an inquisitive bunny hopping around the garden, will Bella be able to find it?

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