Do Sheep Count Sheep? How Animals Sleep

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Do Sheep Count Sheep? How Animals Sleep

Written by Petra Bartíková
Illustrated by Katarína Macurová
age 3-6

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9.0 in x 10.6 in | 28 pages | hardcover |9788000072821 | $15.95 | Pub date Oct 15, 2024

Explore the fascinating world of animal sleeping habits and other fun facts in this illustrated non-fiction book, featuring diverse creatures and whimsical illustrations.

Discover the captivating world of animal sleep in Do Sheep Count Sheep? How Animals Sleep, the next installment in the My First Books of Nature series, tailored for children aged 3-6. Illustrated by award-winning artist Katarina Macurova, this non-fiction gem introduces eleven diverse animals, from the industrious ant to the serene koala, each showcasing unique sleeping habits and habitats. Through vibrant illustrations, young readers explore how animals rest in burrows, treetops, underwater, and even in-flight, offering an enchanting journey into the animal kingdom’s slumber realms. Delve into the peculiar sleeping patterns of the giraffe, the nocturnal bat, or the laid-back albatross.

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