Encyclopedia of Birds: for Young Readers


Written by Tomáš Tůma
Illustrated by Tomáš Tůma
age 6-9

Book parameters:
Size 10.75 x 14.75 in | 48 pages | hardcover | 9788000063508 | $ 19.95

Learn how to classify various birds from big-sized illustrations.

We all know that there are many birds up in the sky, but did you know that there is a similarly vast number down here on the ground? The bird kingdom is weird, wonderful, vivid, and fascinating. This encyclopedia will introduce you to over a hundred of the world’s best-known birds, and it will give you a clear idea how birds are classified. You will find an attractive selection of birds of prey, parrots, penguins, songbirds, and aquatic birds from practically every corner of Planet Earth. The magnificent full-color illustrations and easy-to-read text make this book a handy guide that all preschoolers and young children will enjoy.

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