How Do Animals See?


How Do Animals See?

Written by Marie Kotasová Adámková
Illustrated by Tomáš Kopecký
age 9-12

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Size 7 × 9.75 in | 36 pages | hardcover | 9788000063560 | $14.95 | Pub date May 10, 2022

We know what we see. Do we know what they see? Did you know that most animals do not recognize red colour? Did you know that a bird that may only seem uninterestingly black to you can be painted in the most beautiful colours for members of its own species?

Have you ever wondered how animals perceive the world around us? Whether they see the same colors we see? Whether the vision of a fish is blurry underwater like ours? Or whether dogs like to watch TV, or cats really can see in the dark? If you have ever wished you could ask the animals themselves, don’t worry, because the book you are holding in your hands holds the answers to these questions and many more.