Nature: Why We Need to Care for Our Planet


Nature: Why We Need to Care for Our Planet

Written by Joli Hannah
Illustrated by Amelia Herbertson
age 6-9

Book parameters:
7.5 in x 9.3 in| 44 pages| hardcover| 9788000070070| $16.95| Pub date Feb 13, 2024 | Lexile Level: 980L

This beautifully illustrated title about environmental protection uses little stories to explain the concept of nature preservation and enchants the readers with vivid and brightly-colored landscapes.

From the greenest of forests to the bluest of oceans, kids will learn all about important topics such as biodiversity, deforestation, and their very own ecological footprint. While posing questions and asking children to search themselves for answers, this unique and engaging book will inspire them to become active participants in the fight to help protect the mother earth.

Full of valuable information and exciting illustrations, Nature takes readers on a beautiful and inspiring ecological journey.

Chosen as a Children’s Book Council Hot of the Press book (February 2024).