Shadow Play: Guess What It Is


Shadow Play: Guess What It Is

Written by Helena Haraštová
Illustrated by Serafima Kosikava
age 3-6

Book parameters:
8.7 in x 8.7 in | 6 spreads | novelty format with die-cuts and fold-outs | 9788000072876 | $14.95 | Pub date Nov 26, 2024

Explore the fascinating world of shadows in an interactive guessing game, fostering creativity, observational skills, and a deeper connection with nature in this engaging children's book.

Embark on a captivating adventure with Shadow Play: Guess What It Is from the Kidding Nature series. As the sun paints shadows across the ground, young readers aged 3-6 are invited to decipher the mysterious shapes that appear. Through an interactive novelty format with fold-out pages and cutouts, children engage in a guessing game, unraveling the secrets behind each shadow. The play of light and darkness creates an imaginative journey, challenging kids to recognize familiar objects while sparking creativity and spatial perception. Whether imprinted on pavement, grass, or sand, shadows become enchanting companions in the exploration of the magic and mystery of nature.

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