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7.0 in x 9.8 in| 36 pages (18 spreads)| novelty format| 9788000070032| $14.95| Pub date Oct 17, 2023 | Lexile Level: AD530L

A conceptual book that will drag the readers in a vortex of detailed illustrations in various shaped objects like the whirlpool, the maze, the attic, and lot more.

The book uses basic geometric shapes to frame its lavish, playful illustrations full of action and situations. With this book, children will recognize shapes quickly and easily and have lots of fun along the way. Shapes provide space and offer boundaries. Many things happen within their limits. You´ll see for yourself—just let your imagination run wild and watch all the shapes come to life. Illustrations are packed with interesting details, entertaining situations, and things to discover. On top of that there is also a little search and find game throughout the book—a little teddy bear is hidden on each spread for kids to find!

A different approach to a story telling using the kids imagination together with knowledge of shapes to uncover new levels of perception.