Where Kids Go to School Around the World

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Where Kids Go to School Around the World

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Size 8.4 × 11 in | 36 pages | hardcover | 9788000067728 | $15.95 | Pub date June 20, 2023

Going to school is a part of growing up. Kids everywhere attend school—even those who live in the densest rainforest. Have you ever wondered what their school is like and what is taught there? And what about the lessons of future monks? There are even special schools for ballet dancers. Just imagine! So, if you wish to know what goes on in schools in different places, this is the book for you. Come find the answers to all your burning questions—and make lots of new friends along the way!

Educational: Kids learn different school systems in various corners of the world, gaining the global knowledge of diversity within not just multiple cultures and nations but also environments (hospital, refugee camp, etc.).
Amusing: There are kids as guides through each school.
Structure: Every spread is dedicated to one school system in a country or environment.
Eye-catching: Colorful layout with illustrations and modern infographics.
Fifteen chapters, i.e. fifteen different ways how kids are educated around the whole world.
Regions or types of schools featured: Bangladesh, Japan, Finland, Himalayas, refugee camp, England, Uganda, hospital, Buddhist monastic, sports school, Muslim girls school, ballet school, Australia, rainforest, Montessori school.

Chosen as a Children’s Book Council Hot of the Press book (June 2023)

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