Plane or Boat?


Plane or Boat?

Written by Lenka Chytilová
Illustrated by Veronika Zacharová
age 0-3

Book parameters:
Size 6.5 × 6.5 in | 14 pages | with cut-outs | board book | 9788000061382 | $8.99 | Pub date October 26, 2021

What’s roaring and whirring over here? Cars zoom back and forth along the highway, ships roll over the water, and planes fly overhead. There’s so much to hear and see!

With this board book, kids will learn to name various modes of transport that move in water and on land. This way, children will learn their first words with us! On every page, there is a little surprise waiting for them: thanks to the cut-outs on every spread, one image transforms into another as the page turns. Combined with thoughtful and lively illustrations, this book is perfect for little ones!

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