Sheep or Cow?


Sheep or Cow?

Written by Lenka Chytilová
Illustrated by Veronika Zacharová
age 0-3

Book parameters:
Size 6.3 × 6.3 in | 14 pages | with cut-outs | board book | 9788000061375 | $8.99 | Pub date December 12, 2021

Amusing illustrations metamorphosing into different objects from one page to the next.

Lots of animals live on the farm, but it can be difficult for young children to name them all. What about the one with the yellow beak that lays eggs? Is it a hen? Or perhaps a duck? With this board book, kids will learn about the animals that live on the farm. This way, children can learn their first words with us! On every page, there is a little surprise waiting for them: thanks to cut-outs on every spread, one image transforms into another as the page turns. Combined with thoughtful and lively illustrations, this book is perfect for little ones!

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