The Big Book of Jobs

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The Big Book of Jobs

Book parameters:
Size 8.4 × 11 in | 64 pages | hardcover | 9788000067988 | $16.95 | Pub date May 2, 2023 | Lexile Level: IG1000L

Everyone has one or more hobbies. Everyone is a unique person with a specific character. This creates our personality and can route us to our future career. Express yourself by your job! Based on their interests, kids can skip to pages with the most appropriate and diverse jobs they can do in the future. For example: if a kid loves drawing and making things, it can be a painter, of course, but also a tattoo artist, a visagiste, a restorer, or even a scenographer! Is the kid interested in animals? Then a veterinarian is not the only suitable job. What about a wildlife photographer, a zookeeper, an animal trainer for people with disabilities, or a wildlife rehabilitator? Fourteen interests hide many possibilities what to do. Will you find your dream job?

Unique approach: Kids can choose their possible future career based on their hobbies and interests.
Popular and timeless topic: Every parent is concerned about the future of their offspring and every child thinks about their dream job.
Innovative content: The content page is made out of questions that turn out to be a guideline for choosing the right profession. Do you like to draw? You could become not just painter or illustrator, but also tattoo artist, visagiste, restorer, or even scenographer.
Wide range: 14 interests and hobbies provide kids with 154 jobs to choose from. Including cyber security specialist, digger operator, spacesuit designer, special educator and many others.
Eye-catching: Colorful layout with illustrations and modern infographics.


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